Endless Summer Days

by Arrester

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released May 5, 2015

Recorded by Simon Connolly at Four Hundred Acres with assistance from Robert Vasey.
Mixed By Simon Connolly.
Mastered by David Briggs.
Artwork by Lucy Roleff, Text by Alex Badham.
Thanks to Meg Bowie, Julie Montan, Derek Van Tilberg, Raven Foley, Crosstown Studios, Wayne Connolly, Donovan Martin, Hugo Temby, Kate Kennedy, Russ and Mizz.



all rights reserved


Arrester Toronto, Ontario

Toronto based indie Rock band.

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Track Name: Rusty
Run round the garden
My teenage cousin
Is chasing me on
Push bike he's stolen
Sunlight is shining
Everyone's laughing
This sense of freedom
It feels eternal

But I know that we can't stay forever
Car is packed and my parents are calling
My name, I pretend I can't hear them, at all

Jump in the back-seat
Of some rusty shit-heap
We're playing corners
While my friend floors it
No registration
Back tyres burning
Never more careless
Till the cops stop us

And the red and blue lights in the rear-view
As the cops call my mum and my dad too
So mad I pretend I can't hear them, at all

Find myself yearning
A feeling burning
Somewhere inside me
The child is set free
Just for a moment
World is enormous
Surprising me with
A sound so joyous

But I know that we can't stay forever
Make the most of the one chance we're given
Regrets I pretend I don't have them at all
Track Name: The Will Beneath The Waves
Keep my eyes upon the flag poles
As I slide out past the waves
Out by that flickering lighthouse
I float away
All the wine inside my bloodstream
Keeps my worried mind at bay
I sing an old Zeppelin song
and toast the day

Feel the tide begin to flow
I do not fear the undertow
The oceans gentle sway
Maybe it's my time to go
Well who among us really knows
The will beneath the waves

Told my girl I was out walking
I would not be far away
But now the land's receding
The sky's gone grey
She has probably started wondering
Where my ramble's taken me
To set the dinner table
Or watch T.V.

Maybe I will find a home
Lost on some deserted cove
An island far away
It may be my time to go
Well who among us really knows
The will beneath the waves

My will lies uncompleted
My family in dismay
I admit I was mistaken
To swim that day
Track Name: The Finish Line
Looking for some quiet contemplation in my own time
Run around solving other peoples problems just to make a dime

And I know you gotta take your lumps
Before you take the prize
I wanna see the tunnel ending in a shining light

Was a time when afternoons were spent in make believe
Sinking beers and spinning bottle caps
out on a summers everyone's

The river flows
And cuts a canyon into the mountainside
You never grow
Feel like a kid and you wonder why

I don't mind, what we'll find
When we reach the end
There's no prize if you make it to the finish line
In front of everyone else

Take it on the chin boy, you gotta earn respect
Maybe on some distant day you might even collect

And if you don't
Was the journey worth more in your eyes
The destination was a fantasy but at least you survived
Track Name: Endless Summer Days
I've been up and I've been down
I have failed when I should have passed
But no-one wants to hear about
The worthless angst of the middle class

Endless summer days
Soaking up the rays

Can't get lost inside this town
There's no such thing as unmarked paths
Every weekend spent the same
You mow the lawn I cut the grass

Soaking up the rays
Endless summer days

Boredom creeps in every night
Blankly reaching for the glass
Filled with something reasonably priced
Kills the feeling this can't last

Endless summer days
Soaking up the rays